Advantage’s New Temptender Series Sentra TCU’s

The Temptender Series Control is a direct plug to plug drop-in for our Top-of-the Line HE Series Control instrument.

The Temptender Series has an LCD plain English display and includes many of the new features including:

  • Touch screen simplicity
  • 4.3 inch full color touch screen interface
  • More than 15 screens with custom set-up, operation & system monitoring information.
  • Home screen includes continuous setpoint and to process temperature.
  • Digital flow rate display and from process temperature on informational screen.
  • % Heating or Cooling indication on home screen.
  • Standard shut down pump seal cooling feature.
  • User configurable automatic start-up venting.
  • Out-of-spec alarm including standard audible signal.
  • Pump rotation monitor.
  • Selectable English or Spanish language display
  • Selectable °F or °C temperature display
  • Selectable SPI or Modbus RTU communication.
  • Optional Modbus TCP communication.
  • Operates exclusive AVT modulating cooling valve.
  • Drop in replacement for older Advantage HE series control instrument.
  • For process fluid temperature up to 250°F
  • Optional : High temperature fluid capability to 300°F
  • Optional : 2nd setpoint cable 20ft length

Product & Pricing Information

You can also learn more about Advantage by contacting:

Andrew Goldman at 636-544-0915 or via email at [email protected]
George Goldman at 636-544-5919 or via email at [email protected]