Production Videos of HYRobotics H5 Series Robots

HYRobotics now has a H5 robot under power at their St. Louis facility. This series of robot is ideally suited for large machines where ceiling height can be an issue and/or applications with complex secondary operations. These articulated robots have four servo axes, including two wrist motions, plus a servo traverse axis along a beam. It comes with a 7.5-in. touchscreen controller, two vacuum circuits (with sensors), one gripper circuit and one pressure circuit, both with monitoring sensor input.

The videos below show some of the capabilities of these units in production.

Automotive Fascia Degating/Trimming


Parts Removal / Degating


Gate Cutting-Plasma Burr Removal-Secondary Cooling


Insert Loading
Note six inserts on the “A” side and one on the “B” side

We currently have a unit under power at HYRobotics St. Louis facility. Please contact Andrew or George to arrange a demonstration.

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